Alice Lovelace has led the
Columbus Museum Poetry Slam since 2001. Year after year,
she has teenagers within minutes out of their chairs, hands
raised, fighting to be the next person to read their poetry
or participate. The observing teachers laugh in disbelief
at their student’s enthusiasm with her. By the end of the day
she has the teachers writing and engaged as well.
She makes learning an experience. While emphasizing and
teaching the fundamentals of poetry structure, she makes
poetry cool, engaging, approachable, thought provoking,
exciting and connects students emotionally as well.
Alice has a gift that all should be so lucky to experience.
Nicola Warren Sarn , School and Educator Services Coordinator, Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia

I was astonished, astounded, stunned, delighted to see the work [Alice] got our of my students! The poetry contained the skills she taught and related to subject matter...My students had very little knowledge or past training in poetry.  ms. Lovelace is gifted when it comes to communicating the art of poetry writing to others (adults and children).
Heidi Graziano, 5th grade teacher Morgan County Elementary School Madison, GA

She stood up and made way from couch to make-shift stage....No need for a microphone, amplification in her voice, Lovelace referenced the anthropological find Lucy, examined her an attentive audience (she) reminded (us) that there can be music in the rhythm of words when performance and poetry combine.
Douglas A. Martin, "The Athens Poetry Slam & Jigsaw Open Mic Blue Sky Coffee/February 28", Flagpole Magazine

Shaking power and ferocity. Her strength...carried the audience through a spiritual journey; unique autobiographical stories of individuals sharing common histories.  the audience was silent, saddened and captivated.
Jenny Daniels, "Lovelace captivates audience with Ceremony for Dead White Men", The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
What Presenters Say...

Alice teaches an intergrated 3rd-7th grade poetry workshop at Horizons School in Atlanta 1990.
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Alice Lovelace